I met Colleen while living in the dorms in college. An all girls dorm, Littlefield had small rooms but awesome closets! Where it disappointed in bunk beds, it made up for in having a group of women with incredible, warm hearts. Colleen is the most genuinely kind person I have ever met and she will be very upfront about how she feels about you. No games. Her husband, Jonathan, is equally as kind and honest.

It really is a breath of fresh air to hang out with them. They welcome you with open arms and really make you feel at home.

You can see those same personalities in their sons. Little man C is just adorable! He has the most amazing blue eyes and is the blond, spitting image of his father. As a side note, the cutest thing ever is to watch a father build a train track with his son – sporting equal, if not more, excitement than his son! :)

Just recently, the wonderful family of three welcomed the newest addition, another boy, Little Man M. This time the young one took after his mother, with his father’s hair color. Ha! This little one is equally as adorable as his older brother, but definitely sports more facial expressions.

Both boys have wonderful parents and I look forward to documenting them as they get older and really grow into those personalities of theirs.

As excited as I am that this great Texas family will be moving back to the area, and closer to me, I also find it bittersweet since I always looked forward to that breath of fresh air whenever I would return to DC.

Congratulations Colleen and Jonathan! You both are producing some good looking boys – ladies, watch out! :)