What an adorable pair!

Around a year ago I got a phone call from Susan asking me to take photos of her then toddler, Little Lady L. She was 8 months pregnant and looked fantastic!

A couple months ago I got another phone call from her asking me to take photos of her new little girl, Little Miss B, before she lost the cute chub in her legs. One has to like a mother who loves her daughter’s chubby legs!

The day of their shoot the weather was a bit wet and dreary and not conducive for outdoor photos, so we made due. By the end of it, the once chipper Little Lady L had had enough and the temporarily grumpy Little Miss B, was happier than ever – she had taken to her place in front of the camera. Appropriate, right? :)

Oh! And I LOVE her bright pink bloomers with the tulle flowers! Too cute!

I had such a great time with them and I cannot wait to document them both as they keep growing!