One of the things I miss the most about journalism is photo stories. Last Fall I proposed this idea to one of my clients and instead of our normal family photo session in a park – we did one in their home. Capturing a morning in their lives. I’ve been asked by several clients if I could just shadow them and document their lives, in jest – of course. :) But it got me thinking.

These sessions aren’t for everyone but they remind me of the photos I see when I flip thru my mom’s family albums. Images   freeze moments in our past for us to remember. These ones in particular are not of some park we may or may not have gone to outside of that one photo session –  but of the rooms we grew up in, the books we read,  when mom helped us with our homework, the times we raced around the house or when we danced in the kitchen. The types of photos trigger my senses – sounds, smells, textures … they make me remember. My hope is for this sweet family to have the same reaction five, ten, twenty, fifty years from now.

Thank you Kim for letting, and trusting, me to capture a day in your beautiful family’s life.  :*