I met Little Lady H’s mother roughly two years ago while shooting an assignment for the Nat’l Sciences college at UT-Austin. And let me tell you her mother is one of the sweetest people I know – but she does have that touch of sass that I adore. That same sassiness can be found in her adorable little girl.

When Kim and I talked about where she wanted to have her photos done this year – she immediately said Mayfield Park. And I can’t blame her, it is one of my favorite places to shoot because there is so much going on visually that not only am I going to get great photos, but the kids are usually entertained by the showy male peacocks!

After a long stressful weekend with camera issues, a 12 hour wedding and all of that following a long work week – it was a joy to spend time with Kim and Chris and their wonderful little girl, Little Lady H! I had such a great time with them and I hope they love the rest of the photos as much as they love these teasers! :)